First Page Mobile Official Launch

We’ve created a New Breakthrough WordPress Plugin that gives you a HUGE advantage for connecting with your mobile & smart phone visitors.

If you are like 90% of website owners, you have a website that is not mobile friendly. And even if you do have a mobile friendly or responsive site, you may not be displaying the action items your visitors are craving in an optimal way.

Have you looked at your site on a smart phone?

How difficult is it for visitors to…
• Call you (can they click a button to call you or are they searching for a pen and paper?)
• Email you?
• Check your hours?
• Find your location(s)?
• Check your specials or offerings?
• Watch a video?
• Request a quote?
• or engage with social media?

Now imagine if you could build a page full of the information your visitors desire all on the very First Page your visitor sees when visiting your home page on a mobile device. Can you say immediate gratification?


After 4 months and thousands of dollars in development costs, I have created a solution to this problem. It is an easy to use WordPress plugin that allows you to create an action-packed mobile home page with point and click ease.

If you have ever used Gravity Forms for building a form, now you can use First Page Mobile in the same easy manner to build a customized mobile home page.

Compare our Free Lite version and Pro versions


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